Year 11 Booster Sessions

Prior to their exams, students can attend the following booster sessions for some last minute revision and exam techniques:
Boosters during the school day Breakfast Boosters before school
Subject Date Time Staff Subject Date
Computer Science Fri 10th May P4/5 LDH Computer Science Mon 13th May
IT Fri 10th May P4/5 CAM IT Mon 13th May
French Mon 13th May P4/5 LLS (P4), CRI (P5) French Tues 14th May
Science Tues 14th May P2/3 P2 - CRY/EKT/CPF/LRD/ESN
PE Weds 15th May
HSC Weds 15th May
English Weds 15th May P2/3 P2 - ACS/LEH
Science Thurs 16th May
French Fri 17th May
Computer Science Thurs 16th May P3 CAM Maths Tues 21st May
French Thurs 16th May P4/5 LJG English Thurs 23rd May
Drama Fri 17th May P2/3 LKM Business Fri 24th May
PE Fri 17th May P2/3 AER History Mon 3rd June
Geography Tues 21st May P3 EJF/EBC English Tues 4th June
Science Weds 22nd May P2 CPF/EAE/EKT/LRD/AKB Maths Thurs 6th June
Business Thurs 23rd May P4/5 CKE English Fri 7th June
Product Design Fri 24th May P2/3 CKM Maths Tues 11th June
History Fri 24th May P4/5 LCR/EJM Science Weds 12th June
English Mon 3rd June P4/5 P4 - ACS/ENB
Geography Thurs 13th June
Science Fri 14th June
Music Tues 4th June P3 AOL German Mon 17th June
Business Tues 4th June P3 CKE
Geography Weds 5th June P2/3 EJF/EBC
Maths Weds 5th June P4/5 LTH/AHP/EAS/ECH/CCP/ARC
History Thurs 6th June P3 LCR/CLS
English Thurs 6th June P4/5 P4 - ACS/LEH
Science Fri 7th June P3 CRY/AKB/ESN/LRD/CPF
History Tues 11th June P3 EJM
Science Tues 11th June P4/5 EKT/LRD/ESN/AKB/CRY/CPF
German Weds 12th June P3 ELF
Geography Weds 12th June P4/5 EJF/EBC
German Thurs 13th June P2 ELF
Science Thurs 13th June P4/5 CPF/AKB/EKT/LRD/EAE
German Fri 14th June P4/5 ELF