A-Level Sociology

Why Sociology?

In terms of the history of the Earth, its only yesterday that mankind was living in the caves and the day before when we were swinging from branch to branch with the other creatures.  And yet in what is really the blink of an eye we have developed into a complex society with a wide number of problems and opportunities to live with.  In sociology we explore what it means to live in society today.

Do you like to think? Do you enjoy a good argument? Are you interested in questions like:Is page 3 of The Sun sexist?Do ASBO’s reduce crime?Why do young black boys underachieve at school?Should we be “proud” to be British?

What can I expect? 

In Year 12 students will study topics such as Culture and Identity, the Sociology of Education and Research  Methods.  In Year 13 students will study Crime and Deviance and the Sociology of the Mass Media .  Sociological theory is central to the study of sociology therefore this is taught in both Year 12 and Year 13.

What do I need?

It is preferable that students should achieve a Grade 4 in English, with the ability to produce excellent written work – you will be writing a lot of essays in Sociology!

What about the future?

The subject is really useful for most careers and courses including Teaching, Nursing, Law, Politics, Journalism, TV and Drama, Leisure and Sport, The Police and Management. Previous students are currently employed as Solicitors, Police Officers, Social Workers, Nurses and Teachers!