Hall Park Academy Sixth Form

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Hall Park Academy has a vibrant and growing sixth form with a wide range of subjects to study and fantastic support from its staff. We will guide you through your further education and support you in decisions about the future whether you are looking to university, apprenticeship or employment.


This Government graph highlights that Students leaving Hall Park Academy Sixth Form in 2016, left with, on average, a grade which is 0.25 grades higher than the national average in England.

2016 Post-16 Performance Table Data 

Student Progress Level 3 Courses 

 A-Level Progress: Value Added + 0.25 

Academic Progress: Value Added + 0.25

Applied General: Value Added + 0.43


Student Progress GCSE English and Maths Retake 

GCSE English Retake, 1 student in total + 1.100 above National Average.

GCSE Maths Retake, 3 students in total + 0.460 above National Average.


Average Grade 

Average A-Level Grade is a C.

Average Applied General Grade is Distinction *

Percentage of A-Level students gaining AAB (including two facilitating subjects) is 7.7%

Average Grade for best three A-Levels is C +


Student Retention 

Percentage of students completing A-Level Programme - 100%

Percentage of students completing Applied General Programme - 100%


Destinations of Year 13 2016 

Percentage of students continuing into Higher Education - 61%

Percentage of students continuing into Employment - 37%