School Ethos

Your child’s learning and development is our most important goal. We aim to ensure that all of our students fulfil their potential, are happy here, and receive an education that will give them the best possible opportunities in life.

By offering a wide range of education pathways - academic and vocational options and exciting extra-curricular activities - to each student, we seek to accommodate many and varied talents and aspirations.

This demands the provision of both high quality teaching and high quality opportunities. Through continually improving our own teaching and learning, and simultaneously developing our students’ independent learning skills, we guide young people on their journey to further and higher education or skilled employment.

Our active encouragement of independent thinking, self-reliance and social responsibility helps students grow in confidence and take responsibility for their development as rounded individuals.


Code of Conduct

We are committed to high standards in all we do, and expect all students to show respect for staff, for themselves and for each other, which means:

  •     Trying to see other people’s points of view
  •     Communicating calmly and clearly
  •     Helping to keep the classroom environment a place for positive learning
  •     Helping to make the school a pleasant environment
  •     Moving about sensibly and co-operatively
  •     Remembering that they represent the school whenever in uniform
  •     Dressing in a manner that will command general respect – ‘making the best of themselves’
  •     Completing all work to the best of their ability
  •     Not letting themselves down.

Through providing a secure and stimulating environment, we nurture the life skills young people need in order to contribute positively to the wider community.