School Dinners

Here at Hall Park Academy, our Dining Hall serves food throughout the school day whether that be breakfast, break time or lunch.

Healthy Eating

A hot, balanced meal is provided in the Dining Hall every day for lunch, and meal options change daily to ensure a wide variety of choice. A vegetarian option is also available daily. Alongside the hot meal of the day, we serve Jacket Potatoes, Pasta with a choice of sauce, and Soup of the Day which is served with a Bread Roll. Fresh fruit is also available as an alternative option to the dessert of the day accompanying the hot meal.

The hot meal of the day is priced at £2.30 and this includes the main meal, a piece of fruit or dessert of the day and a carton of juice.

For those students not choosing the hot meal, there is a selection of sandwiches, paninis and snacks such as pizzas, bacon and sausage cobs and burgers.

Students are able to bring their own packed lunches in and these are catered for in the Language Hall.

If you wish to discuss any allergy or dietary needs further, please contact our Operations Manager.





Hall Park Academy uses the secure online payment system ‘ParentPay’ to allow parents to top up their child’s balance at their convenience through debit or credit card. Using the debit or credit card option means the system reduces the need for your child to bring cash into the Academy, making it safer and ensures the money is securely credited to the account.

Parentpay also allows you the option to log in and view exactly what meal choices are being made by your child so that you can encourage them to choose as healthily as possible.

Read more about our cashless system

If you have any queries regarding the Parentpay system, please contact our Finance Office.