Is it for me?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and is therefore directly relevant to everyday life. The course covers a range of topics such as Forensic Psychology, Schizophrenia and fundamentals of what makes us who we are including how our memory works and how our childhood shapes future relationships.

What will I be doing?

Remember, Psychology is a Science subject and so you will be expected to undertake practical projects and learn about how to carry out your own research. During the  first year A Level students will study topics such as Social influence, Memory, Attachments, Psychopathology and Research Methods. In addition to these topics, those students studying the full two-year course will go on to study topics such as Cognition and Development, Forensic Psychology and Schizophrenia.

How do I pass the course?

You do need good research and reading skills. You will be expected to read around the topics outside of lesson and so you will need to be motivated and pro-active. Most importantly, you will need an enthusiasm for learning about human behaviour!

Where will it take me?

Psychology provides a useful foundation for a range of careers, as you will always be dealing with people, whatever career you follow. However, it is particularly valuable as a preparation for working within Psychology- such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychiatry and areas such as Nursing, Social Work, Law, Medicine and Teaching. There are so many different careers that involve psychology, for example, counsellors, forensic psychologists, educational psychologists and clinical psychologists to name but a few.

How do I get on the course?

It is not necessary to have studied GCSE Psychology and no prior knowledge is required to study the A Level. For full details please see the prospectus and curriculum information booklet. For more information you can speak to Dr Lancley.