A-Level Psychology  

Why Psychology? Psychology is the study of how the brain influences and affects our behaviour. It allows us to debate a range of fascinating and real-life topics to explain the reasons why people behave in the way that they do. Is our behaviour purely determined by our genetic make-up or does our environment really cause us to behave the way we do? We attempt to answer many questions, such as: Are we born with a blank slate or do experiences pre-birth have a significant effect on what makes us who we are? Why do people obey rules that lead to serious and obvious consequences? Do the relationships we have we our parents really influence the type of relationships we look for in adulthood? What is schizophrenia and how are avatars used as an effective coping strategy? What makes a person turn to crime and if you have the criminal gene, is turning to crime inevitable? 

What can I expect?  

To never think the same way again! Psychology will challenge your existing ideas. In year 12 we cover topics such as memory, social influence, attachment and psychological disorders and in year 13 we focus on topics such as forensic psychology, schizophrenia and relationships. Throughout all of the course you will be required to study and understand the methods that researchers use to collect data and draw conclusions about behaviour from the data that they collect.  

What do I need?  

There is a need to question the concepts that we study and to do so you will need to research to ensure you are consolidating concepts as well as developing depth in your evaluation. It is important that you are well organised and keen to achieve. Psychology is very varied, there will be lots of essay writing as well as the need to interpret and use data so a can do attitude is a must.  

What about the future? 

 Psychology can lead to many careers, such as healthcare, medicine, teaching and specific careers such as therapists, forensic psychologists, but also careers in fields that you may not automatically associate with the subject such as retail design, marketing, recruitment and sports.