Is it for me?

Over the two years you will discover how to analyse and understand the world around us.  This course concentrates on the skills we need to understand why the universe is the way it is analysing, modeling, problem solving and questioning everything.

What will I be doing?

Topics studied at AS are:  electricity, particles, quantum phenomena, mechanics, materials & waves. At A2 the topics are: fields, further mechanics and strophysics.  You will also undertake practical investigations and skills assessment during the topics which are the coursework.

How do I pass the course?

You need good attendance and punctuality throughout the course to pass each module and improve your skills.  In Year 12 there are 2 modular exams which form 40% of the AS mark, the remaining 20% is from the coursework.  You are able to resit the AS modules but to move to Year 13 it is expected you will have passed the year overall.  The assessment format is the same for Year 13.

Where will it take me?

Physics is a well recognised qualification by both employers and universities.  It is a subject that requires both dilligance and hard work.  For some courses such as engineering, it is necessary; for others such as medicine, it is desirable.  Almost any course will accept it.

How do I get on the course?

You will need a minimum of B grades in both Core Science and Additional Science or a B grade in physics at GCSE. You must have at least a B grade in GCSE Mathematics due to the large mathematical component of physics at A Level. For further information talk to your teacher or attend the Post-16 Open Evening. It is often beneficial to take Maths A Level alongside physics.