Key Stage 4 Pathways

Physical Education (GCSE)

GCSE Physical Education will allow students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle. It will allow students to learn about Physical Education through a range of different contexts and the impact it has on everyday lives. The qualification is made up of both theory and practical elements. GCSE Physical Education is A-Level 2 course and you will be following the OCR syllabus.

What will I learn?

To be successful in this qualification students will need to have a keen interest in sport. This will involve keeping an up to date insight into various sporting events and competitions. It is vitally important all students participate in sport at both school based, and community based extra-curricular clubs. Finally, students will need to be motivated to study the theory behind sport and healthy lifestyles.


40% practical

60% exam (theory) 

You will be assessed as a player / performer in 3 sports:

  • 1 individual sport
    e.g. Singles badminton, Gymnastics etc.
  • 1 team sport
    e.g. Rugby, Netball etc
  • 1 more either individual or team sport.


Plus: non-examined assessment - evaluate and improve performance

Example topics you will study:

  • Components of fitness
  • Diet
  • Media in sport
  • Drugs in sport
  • Sports psychology
  • Sponsorship
  • Training methods
  • Cultural / social factors affecting participation in sport
  • Risks in sport
  • Injury in sport
  • Effects of exercise on the body
  • Factors affecting participation in sport

What could my next steps be?

After you have studied for GCSE Physical Education we suggest students go on to study A-Level Physical Education which we currently offer in our Sixth form. These courses can set students up for many successful and interesting careers such as sports medicine (e.g. physiotherapists), sports scientists, sports management, sports marketing and business, sports development officers, coaches, performance analysts, fitness instructors, and teaching to name a few.

Mrs Scott (Head of PE) -