Name of Governor

Rena Christou

Governor Role

Community Governor

What meetings does this governor attend?

Local Governing Body

Business Committee 

Term of office (when they started and are due to finish)

Term of Office started on: 01/09/2016

Term of Office finishes on: 01/09/2020

What does or did this Governor do for a job?

Employment Law Solicitor

Why did they want to be a Governor at The Hall Park Academy?

I am passionate about education and the importance of a strong work ethic and teamwork. My ambition and dedication has allowed me to progress and I am determined to encourage others to have aspirations and to support them to achieve them. It would be a privilege to be a positive role model to pupils; in particular, those who are from underprivileged and unrepresented backgrounds and to those who have not had a family member go to university before.

What specific skills and expertise does this Governor bring to The Hall Park Academy?

As an employment lawyer, I specialise in a number of sectors including education. I feel that my experience in working within the education sector will allow me to share my experience and knowledge along with commercial suggestions as to how we can continuously strive to improve. I am also a specialist in HR matters and can therefore support HPA to ensure that it’s people strategy is in line with its ambitions and plans for the future.

Is this Governor linked into any specific department or area within The Hall Park Academy?