Is it for me?

Are you interested in studying the thinking and theory that underpins sport? Do you want to learn about how sports psychology is used to improve sports-persons performances? Are you interested in learning how the body works when exercising? Would you be keen to learn about the history of sport and how it has affected the World we live in?

What will I be doing?

The course is split into 4 units. 2 units are completed in year 12 (1 practical and 1 theory) and 2 units in year 13 (again 1 practical and 1 theory). In the practical units you have to perform in 2 different sports, though this can be as a performer, coach or official. Much of the focus of the practical will be upon analyzing performance and planning to improve. The 2 theory units cover sports psychology, sports history, sporting issues (e.g. drugs in sport, cheating and racism), anatomy physiology and learning how we learn sports skills. You will have 4 hours of lessons a week; 3 will be classroom based and 1 practical.

How do I pass the course?

The qualification is assessed by a combination of exams, coursework, practical performance and an assessed presentation. Your scores on each of these areas are added up to give you an overall grade.

Where will it take me?

Once you have completed this course you can choose various pathways. The most obvious progression would be to study a sport related degree at university (e.g. sports science, sports psychology, sports injury, sports management, sports marketing, sports coaching, sports development or sports performance analysis). However an A level in PE is also looked upon favourably by many industries; for example public services like the police, fire service, armed forces and medical professions.

How do I get on the course?

You need to be someone who takes part in sport/physical activity on a weekly basis preferably in a competitive situation though this is not essential. You need to have a strong track record in Key Stage 4 PE. Finally you must have achieved a Merit or above in BTEC First in sport. For further information talk to your teacher or attend the Post-16 Open Evening.