Life behind bars!


We were very lucky this half term to offer students from the Hall Park, Carlton academies the opportunity to attend the very first joint trust Social Science, Life Behind Bars trip. Students had a very early start and the coach ride was used productively to construct questions that they could ask the ex-prisoners. 

This one day conference was all about life within a world that is, for most, a mystery. As crime continues to be a high profile issue with over 90,000 prisoners behind bars, students discussed and interacted with the speakers who had served time in prison for various crimes. They developed a deeper understanding of the Penal System and questioned “Does Prison work and what happens after prisoners are released back into society?” 

Students found the discussions powerful and enriching, challenging their thoughts and stereotypes.

“We were all so stereotypical at the start, labelling people with a crime before we knew what they had actually done. We didn’t expect the conference manager to turn out to be the murderer!”

Daisy Smith. 

“It was interesting to hear the prisoners’ thoughts on the effectiveness of rehabilitation”
Annalise Marsden.

 “The trip was fascinating and showed insight into what prison life is really like”

Kieron Hollox.

“The most interesting part of the day was hearing prisoners talk about the crimes they had committed – some feeling remorse, some not. It was also very insightful listening to their views on rehabilitation, as they all felt prisons do not do a good job of reducing recidivism. They spoke about how prisons have often produced ‘super-criminals’, as many criminals often learn more about crime when convicted. Overall, a unique day and a rare insight into criminal minds”
Rhys Darbyshire.

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