Key Stage 4 Pathways


GCSE Music aims to develop students’ performing, composing and appraising skills through the study of a wide range of musical styles. Hall Park partially or wholly subsidises vocal/instrumental tuition for all GCSE Music students. In return, we expect students to practise regularly and contribute to the wider musical life of the school, for example through concerts and assemblies.

What will I learn?

Students will learn how to:

  • develop performing skills individually and in groups
  • develop composing skills to organise musical ideas and make use of appropriate resources
  • broaden musical experience and interests, develop imagination and foster creativity
  • recognise different instruments, genres, styles and musical traditions, and develop some awareness of musical chronology
  • evaluate their own music and the music of others
  • engage with and appreciate the diverse heritage of music, in order to promote personal, social, intellectual and cultural development.

How will I be assessed?






  • Perform a minimum of two pieces (at least one ensemble) for a duration of 4-6 minutes

Non-exam assessment



  • Compose one free composition
  • Compose one composition to a brief

Non-exam assessment



  • Answer 8 questions on 4 areas of study: musical forms and devices; music for ensemble; film music; pop music
  • Study 2 set works – J.S. Bach: Badinerie; Toto: Africa

1h15m examination


What could my next steps be?

In the future, creativity will be the dominant global currency. As more and more jobs become automated, creativity will be the most important workplace skill to help businesses survive and thrive. Possible routes following the study of GCSE Music include:

  • A Level or level 3 vocational qualifications in Music, Music Technology or Performing Arts
  • apprenticeships within the music and other creative industries, which contribute over £100 billion to the UK economy each year
  • employment within a wide range of sectors that value the knowledge, skills and understanding developed by musicians.
Mr Thompson (Head of Music) -