Is it for me?

AS and A level Mathematics build on the skills learnt for the higher grades at GCSE.

What will I be doing?

At Hall Park, the course centers on core mathematics which includes algebra, trigonometry, graphs and functions.  New subjects such as statistics and decision maths are also part of the course.

How do I pass the course?

You need good attendance and punctuality throughout the course to pass each module and improve your skills.  At the end of Year 12 you will be examined in the modules you have studied.

Where will it take me?

Mathematics leads to a variety of careers; apart from obvious accountancy, banking, business, engineering and teaching. Mathematics, or at least certain aspects of it, is used in almost every sphere of work.

How do I get on the course?

You will need at least a grade B at GCSE.  The course is not accessible for those students who have taken intermediate level only. For further information talk to your ICT teacher or attend the Post-16 Open Evening.