Our House's mission statement:

The key words in the Lawrence house are communication and participation. If you decide you want to make a difference, only you can make that first step. So whether that is going to an after school activity for the first time, striking up a conversation with someone who is in your tutor group, or just generally being helpful, we encourage this positive approach.

How many times have you been presented with an opportunity and said “No” and made up an excuse not to do something? Whether it’s an invite to a sport, to a party, or a revision group, a lot of people just say no. Well here in Lawrence house, we like to say “Yes”. We like to push to do something new and to act in a positive manner. So I welcome all Hall Park academy pupils to join us and say “Yes”… you never know what might happen next.

Mr Hassell - Head of Lawrence house.

House Captain

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

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Charity Ambassador

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Attendance Figures for our house

Year to date: 95.5%

House Point Totals for our house

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Top Achievers - Year 7

1) Jack Spittal
2) Jack Wardle
3) Paige Wing

Top Achievers - Year 8

1) Holly Bailey
2) Kelsey Brown
3) Sarah Amphlett

Top Achievers - Year 9

1) Jake Burton
2) Ben Crompton
3) Ellie-Jade Watkinson

Top Achievers - Year 10

1) Ellie Booth
2) Abbey Jones
3) Abbie Sweet

Top Achievers - Year 11

1) Jordan Johnson
2) Carrie Horspool
3) Joshua Connolly

Top Achievers - Year 12

1) Jack Larkin
2) Alice Foster
3) Daniel Millar

Top Achievers - Year 13

1) Georgia Grice
2) Rachel Lyons
3) Eleanor Gillot