Is it for me?

The vocational courses are designed to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed in broad vocational areas preparing students for life after school.  The course is active and student-centred providing a realistic, interesting and challenging experience of organisations and work.

What will I be doing?

There will be three units in Year 12 leading to Advanced Subsidiary Applied ICT (equivalent to AS Level).  A further three units are studied in Year 13 leading to Advanced Applied ICT (equivalent to A2 Level).   Topics include: the information age, the digital economy, the knowledge worker, using database software, managing ICT projects, web management, using ICT to communicate, how organisations use ICT, ICT solutions for individuals and society.

How do I pass the course?

You need good attendance and punctuality throughout the course to pass each module and improve your skills.  At the end of Year 12 you will be examined in the modules you have studied.  Your coursework will be assessed regularly and you will be expected to meet deadlines.

Where will it take me?

The Applied ICT course is a much sought after vocational qualification.

How do I get on the course?

You will need at least a grade C at GCSE. For further information talk to your ICT teacher or attend the Post-16 Open Evening.