A-Level History

Why History?

Knowledge of History is vital for understanding key issues in the world today. It is an interesting course which offers topics that you are both familiar with and also ones which you may have never studied before.

What can I expect?

History is an exciting and well respected A Level. You will experience a wide variety of teaching methods. Through individual and group work you will learn how to analyse and interpret a wide range of historical sources and you will have debates on key issues and will use information and resources from internet sites, together with developing your ICT skills.In A Level History you will study:

The Crusades 1095-1204

England the Angevin Empire in the reign of Henry II 1154-89

Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855 –1964

What do I need?

The most important aspect is a strong interest in the subject.  You will need to enjoy reading and possess strong writing skills, however a GCSE History at Grade 4 or above would be a great asset in studying this course.

What about the future?

The skills gained in History are required for a wide variety of careers: including Law, Media and Journalism, Banking, the Civil Service and many others.  It is recognised by the Russell Group of Universities as being a ‘facilitating’ subject (one that helps with others).  Adding an A Level History qualification to your CV is always impressive to both prospective employers and higher education establishments. 

“Study the past if you would define the future”