Is it for me?

History gives you skills that are highly regarded by universities and employers: the ability to collect and analyse information to present coherent, confident arguments both orally and in writing.

What will I be doing?

Students will study the radical reform movement in Britain in the early 19th c entury along with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Empire.  At A2 there is a choice of historical periods to study, mixing elements of British and European studies.  The range requires students to investigate problems in order to create and analyse reasoned arguments.

How do I pass the course?

You need good attendance and punctuality throughout the course to pass each module and improve your skills.  At the end of Year 12 and Year 13 you will be examined in the modules you have studied.

Where will it take me?

Historians can be found in all walks of life: government, the law, media and even the entertainment industry.

How do I get on the course?

You will need at least a grade C at GCSE.  For further information talk to your history teacher or attend the Post-16 Open Evening.