Name of Governor

Hayley Gilbert

Governor Role

Community Governor

What meetings does this governor attend?

Full Governing Body meetings
Business Committee 

Term of office (when they started and are due to finish)

Term of Office started on: 01/07/2014

Term of Office finishes on: 30/06/2018

What does or did this Governor do for a job?


Why did they want to be a Governor at The Hall Park Academy?

To use my professional expertise in a positive way to help improve the education of the pupils at Hall Park Academy. The education of the next generation is everyone’s responsibility and that we all should do what we can to improve that education.

What specific skills and expertise does this Governor bring to The Hall Park Academy?

I am legally trained and specialise in employment law, which assists with staffing and HR issues.

Is this Governor linked into any specific department or area within The Hall Park Academy?