A-Level German

Why German?

Speaking another language helps you to get to know other people and other cultures. More than 200 million people speak German around the world. Learning another language opens your mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. An ability to speak German is a huge advantage in the international job market, not only in Germany, but also in countries such as Switzerland, Austria  and much of Eastern Europe. Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy and is the USA’s largest European trading partner. German is also the second most commonly used scientific language, and the world’s third largest contributor to scientific research and development.


What can I expect?  

The A-Level German course builds, and rapidly expands, upon the knowledge and skills gained at GCSE. Your communication skills will flourish, as will your knowledge of grammar. During the course you will study different aspects of Germany and German-speaking countries, as well as studying a book and a film. You will also complete an independent research project on the topic of your choice. Students will work more independently than at GCSE, but will be well-supported throughout the course.

What do I need? 

GCSE German Grade 5 is essential.

What about the future?

There is a wealth of opportunities for students with German at A-Level and beyond. Language skills are highly prized in business and even small business can require staff who can communicate on the European platform. Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Engineering and IT businesses all regularly require Modern Foreign Language speakers in high profile roles, as well as the more obvious opportunities in the industries of Travel and Tourism, Translation, Interpreting and Teaching.

“If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. But if I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen  .” 

Willy Brandt