A-Level Geography

Why Geography? 

Understanding geographical issues is vital for understanding the key issues which the world is facing today . It gives you an in depth insight in to the world, its cultures and its concerns. Geography opens up a variety of career opportunities from engineering and marketing to teaching and tourism. It effectively bridges the gap between the sciences and arts and is recognised as a subject that provides the necessary academic rigour for potential university placement. It is a solid qualification that has merit both in the workplace and academia.

What can I expect?

You will learn in a wide variety of ways such as by using maps, GIS skills, data analysis, photos and videos. You will be encouraged to frame your own questions using higher level thinking skills and showing your grasp of complex issues through report and essay writing. You will improve or gain an ability to work constructively in a team environment, gain cultural awareness, learn project management skills, including effective time management and learn research and critical thinking skills. You will learn a range of current topics which are affecting the world today such as water conflicts, energy security, superpowers, the development gap, tectonic hazards, migration and many more. 

What do I need? 

You need a strong interest in the subject and the correct attitude towards work, a Grade 4 in GCSE Geography would be a great advantage.

What about the future? 

Geography combines well with both arts and science subjects. You may already be thinking ahead to potential university and career choices so it is worth bearing in mind that geography is a broad based subject that really fits well for your future progression. Having geography on your C.V. will impress potential employers and universities as it is a facilitating subject. The skills you will acquire in geography will help you in many careers such as business, economics, politics, environmental science, engineering, development work, international relations, tourism, armed forces, retail and many more. 

“Geography is the key to our future”

Michael Palin.