Exam Performance

At Hall Park Academy, we are delighted with the progress we have made in the last three years.

A Summary of our past results are below, however you can also click here to visit the Government's schools comparison website which contains all of our schools performance data.

GCSE Results

In Summer 2019, we achieved:

  • 5+ GCSEs and equivalent including English and Maths - 58% 

  • 65% of our students achieved an 9-4 in Maths

  • 74% of our students achieved an 9-4 in English

  • The gap between students eligible for the Pupil Premium and those not narrowed for all measures of progress in English and Maths and 5+ 9-4 including English and Maths - further information on these are available on our Pupil Premium page.
  • Our Progress 8 score is 0 and our Attainment 8 score is 44.5
  • 31.1 % of our Students entered for EBACC 


Destinations of Year 11 2019 

Continued Education in School 47, 44.8%

College of Further Education 46, 43.8%

Training - Not Employed 3, 2.9% 

Employment with planned training 2, 1.9%

Not in Education, Employment or Training 1,1.0%

Not Known 6, 5.7%

Total 105‚Äč


Destinations of Year 11 2017 

Continued Education in School  45%

College of Further Education  38%

Employment with planned training  7%

Employment without planned training  6%

Not in Education,Employment or Training  5%


Not known  1%


Year 13 - A Level Outcomes

In Summer 2019, we achieved 

  • 40% of our grades were A*-B

A relentless focus on improving academic outcomes is central to the continuing improvements being made at this school. In 2015 according to the Department for Education’s Performance Tables, Hall Park Academy was the most improved school in Nottinghamshire.

We are very ambitious for all of our students at Hall Park Academy. Excellent GCSE results allow our students to make choices over their future and we encourage them to aim high.

EBACC entered 2018-19                31.1%