Our House's mission statement:

In Erewash house, our Ethos is the all-round development of our pupils. This involved the dedicated tutor team giving their tutees every available opportunity to build on previous life/school experiences so that self-confidence and maturity can be gained, and used in real situations.

House spirit is a very positive force within Erewash as both the staff and pupils approach the inter-house events with the outlook of 

“Reach for the Moon, land in the stars”

Head of Erewash House – Mr. Spriggs 

House Captain

House Captain

Vice House Captain

Vice House Captain

P.A. Captains

Sports Captain

Charity Ambassadors

Our School Council Representatives

Attendance Figures for our house

Year to date: 95.3%

House Point Totals for our house

Year to date:



Top Achievers - Year 7

1) Phoebe Skellett
2) Joshua Gregory
3) Oliver Ingall

Top Achievers - Year 8

1) Dolcie Broughton
2) Chloe Johnson
3) Keira Gisborne

Top Achievers - Year 9

1) Ellie Barlow
2) Savannah Judge-Clay
3) Olivia Davis

Top Achievers - Year 10

1) Ella Tegart
2) Sydney Greaves
3) Bethany Potter

Top Achievers - Year 11

1) Laura Fisher
2) Scott Richardscon
3) Max King

Top Achievers - Year 12

1) Abigail Stevens
2) Emmie Westley
3) Sam Guilor

Top Achievers - Year 13

1) Chloe Hewitt
2) Abbie Murray
3) Lisan Hemstock