Key Stage 4 Pathways

Engineering (BTEC)

By choosing to study BTEC Engineering you will get to develop a wide area of skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to industry. Through work in the classroom, workshop and computer suite you will learn how engineering impacts upon all aspects of everyday life. From modelling in three dimensions to understanding how companies function and make money. This subject is the ideal start point for those interested in a career in all branches of engineering. So, if you are always wondering how things work and have a natural desire to solve problems then this is the subject for you.

What will I learn?

Engineering materials, scales of production and production processes, SMART materials, 3D CAD and CAM, environmental impact, quality systems and control, Design engineering plus many others.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed throughout Year 9, 10 and 11 by completing a series of assignments plus a 3D practical exam.

What could my next steps be?

Students who study this course often choose to continue their education at sixth form and then on to university. However just as many students use it as an opportunity to get a job in the industry, and then continue to study on a day release basis.

It is a challenging course with a great deal of commitment expected from you. But the course is interesting and can lead to a very successful career path.

Mr Mee (Head of Design and Technology) -