Key Stage 4 Pathways


Within this course, students will be provided with the opportunity to work on learning and developing both new and existing skills within drama/acting.

Skills will be developed in the following areas:

  • Movement skills, body awareness and co-ordination, spatial awareness
  • Blocking/choreography and interaction with other performers on stage and backstage, specific skills in use of props, mask and mime work, where necessary
  • Rehearsing
  • Improvisational skills used to develop character or situation, or to experiment with text-based material or stimuli
  • Vocal skills of breath control, clarity, projection, interpretation and characterisation
  • Use of text/script and how to interpret narrative, character, style, gestures and timing for performance
  • Research into the work of others and select relevant influences on own work
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their own work and that of others in both the process of development and performance
  • Explore how technical and design elements can enhance a performance
  • Comply with relevant health and safety practices associated with correct preparation, performing and clearing up.

What will I learn?

Component 1 – Devising Drama and Drama Portfolio


1 Full Play and Live theatre Question


Component 2 – Scripted Performances


Component 3 – Written Exam


What could my next steps be?

Students could go on to complete A-Level 3 BTEC qualification in Performing Arts or an A-Level in drama, which will provide the foundation for those wanting to study Performing Arts at University.

The experience and skills gained through performance and critical analysis in this course are transferable to a wide range of careers. The course is also useful if you wish to follow a career in the theatre whether on stage, behind the scenes or teaching the subject.

This course is a useful foundation for jobs into acting, teaching, law, the police force, community work, care, nursery work, nursing, presenting, media, arts developer, social work and a wide range of arts industries (worth a total of £84 billion per year in the UK alone).

Miss Mason (Head of Drama) -