Name of Governor

Deborah Hinds

Governor Role

Community Governor

What meetings does this governor attend?

Full Governing Body meetings
Business Committee 

Term of office (when they started and are due to finish)

Term of Office started on: 04/07/2015

Term of Office finishes on: 03/07/2019

What does or did this Governor do for a job?

External Partnership Coordinator

Why did they want to be a Governor at The Hall Park Academy?

I am passionate and committed to widening access to learning for those who are under-representedwithin education and have worked within the Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach departmentat Nottingham Trent University for a number of years. My department are funded by the Office ForFair Access to run programmes to help disadvantaged pupils access and succeed at university and Iam passionate about raising aspirations, inspiring and motivating young people. I have a number ofmotivations for applying for a role of a school governor; firstly, it would be an honour to be in a positionwhere I can make a positive contribution to a child’s education. Secondly, the role would enable me togain a better understanding of the challenges schools face, their priorities and how as a university(and as a community) we can support them further.

What specific skills and expertise does this Governor bring to The Hall Park Academy?

Having worked within the Higher Education sector for approximately 7 years, I feel I have arange of experience and knowledge that I could bring to the role as a school governor.Within my current role it is my responsibility to ensure that local schools and collegesengage with NTU programmes of outreach support and have set budget responsibility foreach account school. I am a confident communicator and regularly develop and deliverpresentations, training and workshops for a range of audiences including parents, teachersand pupils. I also have experience implementing projects for young people includingsummer residential programmes, campus visits and curriculum enrichment days, and alsoevents for parents and carers including family suppers and family fun days. I also havesome marketing experience and currently working on a departmental communications plan,regularly use and update social media platforms, and confident writing copy and liaising withmarketing and press teams.As an affable, positive and friendly person, I feel I have the ability to build relationshipsquickly and am able to relate to people from a range of backgrounds, being patient, calm,and understanding. Having experience working with school teachers, pupils and academicswill be invaluable in the role as a school governor and I believe I will be able to bring aknowledge, energy and enthusiasm to the role.

Is this Governor linked into any specific department or area within The Hall Park Academy?