A-Level Computer Science

Why Computer Science?

Computer Science is a practical subject where students can apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real-world systems. It’s an intensely creative subject that combines invention and excitement, that can look at the natural world through a digital prism. 

Our Computer Science qualification will value computational thinking, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. 

What can I expect?

The aims of this qualification are to enable you to develop:An understanding and ability to apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including: abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms and data representationThe ability to analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems, including writing programs to do so The capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically

The capacity to see relationships between different aspects of computer scienceMathematical skills. Group work and independence

What do I need? 

GCSE Computer Science Grade 4 or above. 

What about the future?

Computer Science opens a world of opportunities, from IT Support Technician, Network Engineer, Software Engineer to Web Designer or Games Developer. 

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” 

Stephen Hawking