Is it for me?

If you have an interest in the world around you and enjoy finding out about its properties and how they react, this could be the course for you.

What will I be doing?

You will be developing your research and practical work. You explore areas such as fuels, polymers, agriculture and medicine; also included is an individual investigation.

How do I pass the course?

You need good attendance and punctuality throughout the course to pass each module and improve your skills. At the end of Year 12 there are two exams and one piece of coursework assessed by your teacher counting for 50% of the final A Level mark. By the end of Year 13 there are a further two exams and an individual investigation which is assessed by your teacher.

Where will it take me?

The course will give you the chance to see if you want a career in science being an essential qualification for courses in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science or chemical engineering. It is an essential qualification for entre to degrees in medicine, vetinary science, dentistry and pharmacy. A good qualification could also lead to a career in industries such as agrochemicals or pharmaceuticals.

How do I get on the course?

You will need a minimum of B grades in both Core Science and Additional Science or a B grade in chemistry at GCSE. Ideally you will have at least a B grade in GCSE Mathematics as there is a significant amount of mathematics in chemistry at A Level.

Which course specification will I follow?

OCR Salters Advanced Chemistry (H035/H435)