A-Level Chemistry

Why Chemistry?

Chemistry is a vibrant and exciting subject. It is involved in everything around us - from the making of new materials to understanding biological systems, from the food we eat to the medicines which keep us healthy and from the quality of the water we drink to keeping the air we breathe pure.

What can I expect? 

The course involves the study of organic and inorganic chemistry. It provides an excellent foundation of knowledge required to study any type of Chemistry at university and leads seamlessly from the ideas studied at GCSE. A level Chemistry lessons are diverse in their delivery and combine the study of theory with practical laboratory work. The assessment is through both terminal examinations and practical work throughout the course. 

What do I need? 

A Grade 5 in Additional Science or a 5 in Chemistry. An enquiring mind, an interest in science and strong problem solving, mathematical, communication and organisational skills are highly desirable.

What about the future? 

Chemistry is an essential qualification for a large number of careers, e.g. medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, engineering, pharmacology, forensic science and many more. Chemistry can open up a vast number of prospects within or outside the area of Science.  Potential employers values the skills that are developed during the study of this subject. It can be used as an entry qualification for a wider variety of courses at higher education and indicates that an individual has very strong academic ability.