Mission Statement

We are passionate about giving our students the best possible advice and guidance for their futures. We provide this guidance in a variety of ways, including using our own highly trained and experienced staff as well as using the expertise of other organisations.

We believe that students should have the opportunity to see the world of work; both within their curriculum providing real examples of work based activity and relevance, as well as being able to speak to people from across a diverse range of different work settings.

We make use of online learning tools for careers related guidance, and have provided links here to specific sites which we believe are informative and suitable for young people thinking about their future pathways.

Careers Framework

Image of Careers Framework

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Hall Park Academy Careers Roadmap & Plan

The Hall Park Careers Roadmap and Plan use the Framework and Gatsby Benchmarks (find out more here) in order to ensure the best possible provision. Click the links below for more information. Our teaching staff also have access to a wide variety of 'careers in the curriculum' content which allows them to link careers to their subject / faculty areas, including the 'My Learning, My Future' resources created by the Careers & Enterprise Company. Please click here if you would like to find out more.

Our careers provision is evaluated and updated annually. Date of next review: Summer Term 2022

We also seek to work with external providers to deliver high-quality CEIAG provision, and are happy to hear from employers in particular if interested in working with us [Careers Advisor - Kary Jane-, Aspirations Manager - Adam Martin -].

Hall Park is also able to facilitate access to other local providers, for which any interested parties should refer to the Provider Access Policy below:

Operational Plan 2021-22

Careers Roadmap 2021-22

Provider Access Policy

Year 11 Leavers Destination Data

Evaluation of CEIAG provision 2020-21

Labour Market Information

We are keen to ensure that students have access to up-to-date information about the labour market, and provide them with access to a number of resources such as the online platform Unifrog, and via tools such as the Careerometer and Skillsometer on the students careers webpage.

Careers Newsletter

We produce a termly newsletter on a range of relevant topic areas with the aim of helping students to increase their awareness of themselves and the world of work and study. Click here for the latest edition.

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Useful Websites 

There are a selection of links below which are designed to help signpost students and parents to relevant careers or further study options. 

UCAS - University application, course information and an extensive careers section

National Careers Service - Government site where you can assess skills or explore career profiles

Russell Group Informed Choices - Offers advice on subject choice related to university degrees

icould - General careers advice, home of the Buzz Quiz and lots of video interviews

Success at School - General advice on study options and career sectors

BBC Bitesize - General careers advice in an accessible format for all ages

Career Addict - General careers advice site

Sacu Student - General careers advice and interesting career quizzes (need to make an account)

Amazing Apprenticeships - Site focused on all aspects of apprenticeships, including a parent pack

Apprenticeship Vacancy Search - Government site for apprenticeship applications

National Careers Week - NCW site has lots of resources, click here for their parents guide