A-Level Biology

Why Biology?

Biology allows you to better understand the world around us from the biological molecules that make up organisms, down to the macrostructure of an ecosystem.  Biology is a rapidly developing area and an in depth understanding of the subject gives you the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about contentious issues such as cloning, stem cell research and xenotransplantation. What can I expect? During the two year A level course in Biology we study a huge variety of topics including cell structure, the human transport systems, plant transport, ecology and conservation, homeostasis, the biochemistry of respiration and photosynthesis and genetics. Through studying Biology you will also develop many different skills. For example:  Practical skills required to manipulate scientific equipment with precision to gather accurate results
Analytical skills required to analyse and evaluate data and draw conclusions Problem-solving skills which allow you to apply the knowledge that you have gained to unfamiliar situations

What do I need? 

A Grade 5 (from a higher paper) in Biology GCSE or a Grade 5 in Core and Additional Science.

What about the future? 

There are a number of University courses and careers which Biology A level can lead into. For example medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, genetics, physiotherapy, sports science, nursing, midwifery, pharmacology and environmental science. Biology also has links with many other subjects including Chemistry, Physics, Maths, PE and Geography.

“In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs.” 

Francis Darwin