Our House's mission statement:

Astle House was named after the footballer Jeff Astle he was born in Eastwood and became an international football player.  Taking this into account we would like all our pupils in the house to feel apart of the team, every member of the house has something to bring and we will endeavour to seek this out of the individual.  In Astle pupils and staff are welcomed to try out new things on a daily basis knowing they have the support of others.  We strive for pupils and staff to enjoy their experiences while at Hall Park Academy.

Mrs. Watson - Head of Astle House

House Captain

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

Charity Ambassador

Sports Captain

Sports Captain

Performing Arts Captain Performing Arts Captain

Our School Council Representatives

Attendance Figures for our house

Year to date: 94.5%

House Point Totals for our house

Year to date:



Top Achievers - Year 7

1) Jorja Worrell
2) Freya Blackman
3) Riley Raynor

Top Achievers - Year 8

1) Violet Beddoe
2) Ellie Buckley
3) Amy-Jo Barke

Top Achievers - Year 9

1) Libby Shaw
2) Leah Grainger
3) Holly Calow

Top Achievers - Year 10

1) Paris Lopinto
2) Matthew Frost
3) Millie Macauley

Top Achievers - Year 11

1) Louie Hurrell
2) Samuel Watson
3) Joshua Lead

Top Achievers - Year 12

1) Hannah Crouch
2) Elli Hall
3) Joseph Hinz

Top Achievers - Year 13

1) Tallula Scrimshaw
2) Ashby Harris
3) Toni Lawson