A-Level Art

Why Art?

Range: Whether you intend to pursue a career in the arts or follow a path that is unrelated to art, having an  A-Level in Art can show that you have a wide range of skills, and another side to your talents.Creative Thinking: Many employers are looking forcreative thinking skills; art allows you to develop anddemonstrate these skills. A skill for life: On completion the A-LevelCourse, you will leave with technical skill in a wide range of media, knowledge and understanding that will enrich your appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.

What can I expect?

The A Level in Art has been designed to develop anadventurous and enquiring approach to Art and Design. In particular, the aim of the A Level is to develop intellectual, imaginative and creative powers. Students will build up a broad skill base, which will give them the opportunity to refine and extend technical, expressive and experimental skills. Students will explore a wide range of media and materials, from huge scale paintings to small scale etchings. Students extend their knowledge and understanding of art through explorative study and investigation, as well as visits to galleries and artists’ studios where they will get the opportunity to do life drawing.

What do I need? 

Students wishing to take the A Level in Art should be open minded and willing to try new things. They should have an enjoyment of art, both in terms of creating their own work as well as an enthusiasm to know more about artists, designers and the contexts in which theyoperate.  It is recommended that pupils have studied GCSE Art before undertaking the course.

What about the future? 

Progression: A-Level Art can allow you to progress on to a wide range of Degrees within the arts, spanning out to specialisms such as Design, Architecture, Fashion,Education,  Film etc.  Our students also use theirA-Level in Art as a means to gain the UCAS points to get onto the Degree of their choice. Art is a recognised subject at Russell Group Universities such as Oxford. Most students complete a Foundation studies course before choosing a specialised area to study at degree. 

 ‘Art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together’ 

John Ruskin