Applied Science

Why Applied Science ? 

Applied Science is a wide ranging subject, offering a holistic approach to science. Over the two year course, students will study forensic science, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology and social sciences. The qualification is delivered to reflect aspects of employment within scientific organisations or organisations that use science. 

What can I expect? 

The programme is portfolio based, and therefore is assessed through a range of different assignments and investigations. The course consists of 6 equally weighted units.

Year 12

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Science

Unit 2: Working in the Science Industry

Unit 3: Scientific Practical Techniques 

Year 13

Unit 4: Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis

Unit 5: Perceptions of Science

Unit 6: Forensic Photography

What do I need?

An interest in science and how science worksStrong written communication and sound mathematical skillsEnjoy practical investigationsExhibit a good work ethic, organisational skills and consistent attendance

What about the future? 

Students who successfully undertake this programme can achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction *, all of which are worth UCAS points.  Distinction * = 140 points Distinction = 120 pointsMerit = 80 pointsPass = 40 points Past.

Successful students have undertaken a range of paths, some studying University Degrees in subjects including History, Geography, Criminology and Forensic Psychology, while others have found it a valuable  qualification when beginning an Apprenticeship or employment.