Consultation on admissions to Hall Park Academy

We have recently reviewed the Admissions Policy for Hall Park Academy.  We are now undertaking a required period of consultation in order to make some adjustments, in relation to the over-subscription criteria outlined in this document. 

This letter outlines the consultation process and is provided for all interested stakeholders to be informed and have the opportunity to contribute to the consultation.

Please click here to download the full letter and click here to view the proposed policy.

The key timeline of contacts for the consultation are outlined below:

  • Period of consultation: Monday 11th October to Friday 3rd December 2021.
  • Proposed effective date of changes – Admissions for the intake starting Year 7 in September 2023 and any subsequent in-year admissions thereafter.
  • Contact details for comments or to request copies of documentation as part of the consultation: Miss T Plaskitt, PA to the Headteacher,  or Telephone: 01773 786212.